Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege
  • Chef

    Adam Morgan

    Hi, my name is Adam Morgan but better known as Chef. I am a 23 years old and I work as a Chef, from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. I am a competitive Rainbow six siege player and team captain for obnoxious Gaming....Read More

  • Go0se

    joseph thinnesen

    Hello my name is Joe and I am a Engineer in the RAF. I am currently in Lincoln for work reasons and social. During my spare time I play R6 Siege competitively for Obnoxious Gaming. I am the Flex player and I feel comfortable on my role as this. I look to better my career in siege by going to multiple events across the UK and maybe some abroad....Read More

  • TheCaptain

    Vincent Siemers

    Co-captain of the R6: Siege team, Second entry and aggressive Flex. ...Read More

  • Tam

    Tamara Nikolic

    Born in Vienna, Austria and currently living in Serbia. I am a passionate video game and esports enthusiast. I coach the Obnoxious Rainbow Six Siege team and look forward to the achievements we reach together. Some of my other hobbies and interest include esports journalism and painting besides video games....Read More

  • Shrikel

    Alistair Wright

    Hi, I'm Alistair "Shrikel" Wright. 22 year old Mancunian who does IT Support for a living. I'm the head admin for CCS EU and also a substitute player for Obnoxious Gaming Siege team. ...Read More