• Hawk

    I am the Stream Team and Org Manager for Obnoxious Gaming, I take care of the streamers we have here, our social media, and help with handling day to day running of the org. I also stream on Twitch, currently chasing down that 2k Follower Goal. My stream consists mainly of Rainbow Six Siege but from time to time we will most likely try new releases....Read More

  • TwySkyGaming

    Hi I'm Stacie better known as TwySky. I'm a Twitch Streamer for Obnoxious Gaming. I stream Rainbow Six Siege mainly but i do sometimes stream Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. ...Read More

  • boncetv

    Dominic Bonsell

    EU Streamer for Obnoxious Gaming. ...Read More

  • tustrong

    Ali Al-Hussaini

    I'm pretty cute. I mainly do weightlifting streams but when I get the time I do like to game in the evening! Used to play Siege but too lazy to put in the work these days. I just hit 1k followers, time for 2k baby!...Read More

  • nebulosz

    Harry Sollis

    I'm a semi competitive player in R6, aswell as content producer on YouTube, Mixer and Instagram aswell!...Read More

  • beefybeefs

    Dale Newman

    I've played at a competitive level in the past on console, switched to pc and started streaming my adventures. I still like to push myself and compete as best as I can, and want to enjoy the time with a community....Read More