Obnoxious Wins League of Legends Insomnia65 Masters!

Thu 29th Aug 2019 - 1:18am Gaming

What an event insomnia65 was this year. 


Obnoxious Gaming (Nox) emerged victorious on the esports stage at Insomnia65 this past weekend.
They beat Bulldog Esports 3-0 in the League of Legends final to take home the top prize of £1,250, with Bulldog receiving £750.
Nox entered the grand final with a 1-0 lead, having made their way through the winners bracket. They swept aside Bulldog in game one in half an hour with an 8k gold lead and a 26-7 kill score, before going 27-14 in game two and securing the win.
Nox looked solid throughout the series, taking objectives – including several infernal drakes – to help them win.
Jungler G0dtur went 11/0/10 in game one as Olaf, while mid laner LFT Nox picked up 14 kills as Katarina in game two.

ObnoxiousGaming [Conquered]#I65@ObnoxiousNox_

Emotions running High!

We take the insomnia masters series 3-0 against @BulldogEsports guys.

We are winning of the insomnia65 league of legends masters!

Extremely proud of the whole team and the performances they put in. @HardSoft_ @IGFestUK

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It was an exciting final series with some great commentary from GreyHart and Aux, with the latter handing G0dtur MVP.
Bulldog top-laner Egospeed told stage host Munchables after the match: “We played 16 games in the last two days and are mentally exhausted. When we came up here we said ‘you know what, we’ll have fun’. I got Nocturne top so I was over the moon!
“It was stressful. When we went into the losers’ bracket, we thought screw it, we’ll just try our best to win. We started to work together. Playing til 1am last night and having to wake up at 8 this morning, we thought ‘okay we’ll get to the finals and see how we go from there’.
Torok, head coach for Barrage, who was helping Nox out this weekend, said: “Katarina is the perfect pick for us. Nox is so, so good on the pick. I think Katarina was banned in 11 out of 11 group stage games but they didn’t ban it, so we thought we may as well give them a run for their money.
“It’s been amazing, we’ve been bootcamping. We came together as a team last Monday, we had 7 days to try hard and the players performed so well. They stepped up massively. They’ve been excellent.”