Welcome to Obnoxious Gaming.


My name is Christopher Keeley, I started this organisation because as a player, I had a dream of making it to the big stage, the dream of being good enough to reach the top of my game,


Unfortunately as time went on I didn’t have the hours to practice like other players did,  eventually I came up with the idea that, if I could help other players that had the same ambition and dreams I once had I would, and here we are with Obnoxious Gaming, an organisation I created as a player and team for the players.

I was born in England-South East in Kent

I left school to study and be an apprentice as an electrical engineer, and mostly my work took up all my hours, but in my spare time I loved gaming, ever since the age of 7, I remember playing my first playstation, repping Final fantasy 7 which will forever be my favourite game to all you RPG fans out there, im sure you can relate!

As I came across League after playing WoW for many years, I genuinely enjoyed the competiveness inside of it, although frustrating it was exciting to play, especially back in the early days of season 3. As Esports was making a big mark across Europe it has grown so fast in todays age.

I believe I can take this Organisation a long may, I will look at the sky but aim for the stars, gaming is a passion in my life, and I hope I can give back to the players and support the players and give them a platform to grow in the way I once wished for. Which resulting in my ambition of creating Obnoxious gaming and here we are